My Work – Email welcome series

The Client

Dignity & Services, a Malaysian charity that gives adults with learning disabilities the skills and confidence to live more independent, fulfilling lives. 

The Challenge

D&S had no system in place to show gratitude to new donors for their gift or welcome them to its community.

So the charity (like an estimated 74% of non-profits) was missing out on the biggest opportunity to nurture its newest fans. Because welcome emails are more likely to get opened than any other email.

Campaign Monitor reports they have a 91.43% open rate. And read rates a whopping 42% higher than your average email.

So not having a welcome series ready to go out like clockwork when someone joins your list is a big mistake …

The Solution 

That’s why putting this right was one of the first things I did for D&S.

I crafted and sequenced its welcome series carefully – as not just any old email will do to build relationships that last.

I made sure to let its new donors know:

  • They’re in the right place
  • The scale of the problem and urgency of the charity’s work
  • How their generosity is changing real people’s lives
  • How being part of this cause will enrich their own lives.

The Results

First impressions count. Showing its new supporters some love has slashed D&S’s donor drop-off rates. And it’s cultivating a loyal following of faithful donors to fuel its life-changing work.

Email Welcome Series Copy Samples

Here are a handful of the emails (with photos and names removed for privacy) from the eight-email welcome series I created for D&S. You can scroll through them using the arrows at the sides of images or the dots at the bottom.