My Work – Qigong classes website

Full transparency. This is my website. For my alter ego as a teacher of the Chinese internal art of Qigong.

I include it here as an example of how to repel people.

Don’t think repelling people sounds like the best idea for growing your business? Bare with me …

The last thing you want is for everyone who lands on your website to sign up for your newsletter or your service or to buy your product.

You just want the people who really need you.

So you must shoo away the wrong people – else they’re going to be disappointed. And that’s no good for anyone.

My old Qigong webpage was failing in its repelling duties.

Too many people turned up to my classes looking for fluffy Qigong. They soon disappeared when they discovered the hard work and commitment required …

So I wrote my new copy to act as my gatekeeper.

Yes, I wanted more enquiries. But not nearly as much as I wanted the right enquiries. From people who would become dedicated Qigongers – and my long-term fans and clients.

I’m pleased to say the strategy is working well  …

NurtureWorks Qigong Website Sample

Here’s the homepage. The links click through to booking apps.

Nurtureworks Qigong website homepage