My Work – charity donation page 

The Client

Dignity & Services, a Malaysian charity that gives adults with learning disabilities the skills and confidence to live more independent, fulfilling lives. 

The Challenge

A digital fundraising program without a compelling donation page is as useless as a mobile phone with no battery. 

But, like many charities, D&S presumed that anyone arriving on their donation page was ready to give. So they simply asked them to hand over their money.

That might work if people woke up each day planning to give away their hard-earned cash. But they don’t …

The Solution

When crafting the new D&S donation page, I recognised that getting to someone to donate is different from getting them to buy.

It’s harder. More like leading them up a mountain than dropping them down into a funnel towards what they desire. As they trek up the mountain, they might turn back any time.

So, for D&S, I guide potential donors by the hand up towards the summit of pressing the button to give.

How? By reminding them on the donation page why they should care and why they should trust D&S to deliver.

On the main donation form on the website (featured below), the messaging speaks broadly to anyone who may land here thinking about giving to the charity’s cause.

But I also created other donation landing pages with more targeted messaging designed to resonate with specific audiences.

For instance, the page for cancelled donors continued a conversation that I started in their email inbox. To nudge them over the line of re-activating their donation.

The Result

D&S’s new donation forms have boosted online giving – and allowed them to run targeted fundraising campaigns. This is an essential element in the charity’s plan to expand its reach and transform more vulnerable lives.

Charity Donation Form Sample

Here’s the main donation form, from the D&S website. 

D&S Main Donation Form