My Work – charity website 

The Client

Dignity & Services, a Malaysian charity that gives adults with learning disabilities the skills and confidence to live more independent, fulfilling lives. 

The Challenge

D&S has been doing its precious work for more than 30 years. But the non-profit’s marketing and donor management haven’t moved with the times.

This has impacted its donations and, in turn, its reach. I began an ongoing relationship with D&S just as the charity was looking to modernise its systems so it could touch more lives.

The first step was to tackle its website.

Not only was the content uninspiring and outdated, but too many of confusing options made navigating the site teeth-grindingly frustrating. 

That’s unlikely to move anyone to support your cause …

The Solution

My goal was to make it easy for the charity’s different audiences – potential donors, volunteers and beneficiaries – to find or do what they came for.

I smoothed their journeys towards giving, volunteering or joining a D&S program by:

  • Highlighting key features of the non-profit’s work – and the specific benefits and value to each of its three very different audiences.
  • Drawing on stories of the charity’s amazing special needs members to build trust and motivation.
  • Cutting direct, uncluttered pathways through the website towards taking action.

The Results

The new website has enabled D&S to engage actively and confidently with its stakeholders. So it’s become the lynchpin in building the support needed to grow the charity and transform more vulnerable lives.

Charity Website Samples

Use the arrows (near side of images) or the dots below to scroll through the pages  of the D&S charity website:

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Our Programs
  • Options Program
  • BwD Program
  • Get Involved
  • Volunteer application page
  • Donation page
  • Baker Store
  • FAQs
  • Contact